Ynnovas - the first standardized API contract manufacturer in Caucasus region. The factory focuses on production of herbal (alkaloids) and synthetic API. Full dossier support, standardized production, fast processing, flexibility with minimum-order-quantities (MOQ) are our key features to meet customers’ expectations. YNNOVAS LLC is operating as Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO). The plant is equipped with High Efficiency Low Temperature Extraction and Concentration Production Line, capable of extraction of the different chemical substances from plant sources. The plant is also equipped with the chemical reactors for the synthesis of various API. Major production lines are: - Chemical synthesis - Plant processing. Our reference products are: Platyphylline Hydrotartrate, Mexidol (Emoxypine), Resveratrol, Silymarin, Aloe Extract, Galantamine Hydrobromide. As a second stage, the Plant offers to contractors up to 300 products of finished forms – prescription drugs, OTC and dietary supplements.

Production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Mexidol via chemical synthesis.
  • Mexidol is a high-end antioxidant and antihypoxic drug with a unique multipurpose action mechanism. As a basis of antioxidant neuroprotection, Mexidol positively alteres the main components of pathogenesis of a disease, related with the processes of free-radicals oxidation and oxygen-dependent pathological conditions. Mexidol successfully used in neurology, psychiatry, surgery and addictology.
Production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Platyphylline hydro tartrate via plant processing.
  • Platyphylline hydrotartrate is the main substance for the antispasmodic drugs. The active ingredient is extracted from the plant named Senecio Rhombifolius. Senecio Rhombifolius Is Caucasian endemic plant. Spread in several regions of Georgia. Grows in the alpine climate, 1500-2500 meters above the sea level. Most profitable are Adjarian and Gurian plants. Senecio Rhombifolius is collected seasonally. Platyphylline is less toxic compound among all pyrrolyzidine alkaloids; its dosage forms are well established and used as a safe and effective medicine for about one century.